Aertex Shirts from McLeods Carterton

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Aertex Shirts from McLeods Carterton

Welcome to McLeods Carterton online store for Aertex men's shirts.

Aertex pure cotton shirts $89.90 (incl GST) - usual retail elsewhere $99.90 plus - save up to $10!

It's easy! Simply choose your size in as many Aertex shirts as you like, scroll down the page to add them to your shopping cart and either continue shopping for more suit, trouser and blazer bargains or go to the checkout for a simple and secure payment process.

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Aertex Shirts from McLeods Carterton

In 1887 two prominent members of the medical profession made the sudden realisation that air trapped in fine mesh fabric acted as the perfect insulator. Keeping you cool when the weather is warm, and warm when the weather is cool, all the time letting your body breathe.

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Aertex Shirts from McLeods Carterton Aertex shirts from McLeods Carterton

88985-81 Houndstooth Navy
83425-18 Plain Navy
88985-84 Houndstooth Red
88995-81 Blue/White Check
88995-83 Green/White Check
88995-84 Red/White Check

88405-18 Birdseye Navy
88405-11 Birdseye Blue
88405-49 Birdseye Red
88405-39 Birdseye Green
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Aertex Shirts from McLeods Carterton

Aertex Polycotton Shirt
Style: 83425
Price: $99.90
Mitred pocket
Peak collar
Colour: Plain Navy Only

Aertex Pure Cotton Shirt
Style: Various
Price: $89.90
Pure Cotton
Mitred pocket
Peak collar
Colours: Various

88395-94 Red check
88395-89 Navy check
88735-81 Royal, navy check
88745-82 Brown/ sky/ tan check
88775-84 Royal/ Burgundy check
88815-81 Royal/ khaki check
88815-83 Forest/ brown/ taupe check


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Aertex Pure Cotton

$89.90 + postage

Aertex Polycotton

$99.90 + postage

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